Social Media Management

Strategise and Implement

With everything in life and business, you need a strategy. We work with you to develop a social media management strategy suited to your industry. We deliver this across all social platforms, resulting in increased brand awareness, followers and engagement.
social media management

Time Saving

Social Media Management is time-consuming especially when trying keep on top of the trends. Doing your social media in-house can be tricky and sometimes it may get neglected.

One key to success is consistency. Having us take care of the socials allows you to do what you do best – running your business.

Quality over Quantity

Not all Social Media Managers are created equal. There’s more to it than just consistent posting. Professional designs, quality captions, customer engagement and optimising hashtags are just a few to mention.

Professional Designs

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a great picture is worth reading. Sometimes the right photo or design is crucial to engagement. At Midas Touch, we believe in professional quality. We work with industry-standard products such as PhotoshopIllustrator and Adobe After Effects to ensure our designs are of the highest quality. 

We closely monitor design trends and research designs which work well for your industry. Nothing is static online so why should your social media be?

Copywriting and Hashtags

A good piece of writing holds your attention. It flows smoothly and everything makes sense. It’s interesting and a pleasure to read. Great writing, on the other hand, doesn’t just hold your attention; it commands your attention.

social media management

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