About Us

Who we are

Midas touch was founded in 2023 after our founders decided to start making waves within the industry where they thrived for others.

Combining an array of design, web development social media management the idea to start a venture which we could call our own was a no-brainer.

We have an ethos which is strong within our hearts and minds, that money should not lead the campaign for any company or brand instead we believe that a strategic plan should be put in place followed by an effective road map for all of our clients. This gives us and you our client an understanding of where your brand is and where you want to go which enables us to provide the correct content for users of the social media platforms which will showcase your products or services.


Origin of the name

The name Midas Touch comes from Greek mythology. The legend goes that King Midas was known for his ability to turn everything he touched into gold.

We want to emulate this with our business. Giving a touch of value to your brand or business with our services. We aim to make businesses flourish online, or as the legend says – turn it into gold!

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